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Do You Really Need A Bilge Pump?

  If you want to cross choppy waters then I guess water is going to come on board and if that’s going to happen then you probably need some sort of safety net -namely, a bilge pump. Of course a manual bilge pump is … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong With Your Business?

I’ll come straight to the point. In my view the pre-requisite for understanding what is happening in any business is to spend time with the “lads on the shop floor” It’s the first place I head to when I want to really … Continue reading

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China’s New Aircraft Carrier

Slowly and incrementally China is unfolding it’s strategy to becoming a dominant player in the global economy, perhaps to becoming the economic superpower; its certainly fascinating to watch and it’s latest acquisition is an endorsement to that strategy. I don’t want to comment upon … Continue reading

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This is a big step into the unknown for me. For months I have been prevaricating over setting up a blog until it was properly planned and thought through as to format and content. You see, as you come to learn … Continue reading

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