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Autumn Statement 2011

George Osborne presented a not unsurprising statement given the debt laden economy, but within the statement there were some opportunities to be looked at and considered. The following key points are taken from business zone, posted by John Stokdyk. Kicking … Continue reading

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Quantas Twitter Faux Pas

Poor Quantas, can’t do right from wrong it seems. My posting earlier this month was serious when I asked the question “what else could the Company be faced with”? – I didn’t expect it to be a self-inflicted PR gaff … Continue reading

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Stop Budgeting Start Improving

An interesting article has appeared in the Harvard Business Review regarding budgeting. The tenet of the article is that you should abandon budgeting as a management process and instead focus upon driving inefficiency out of the cost drivers to the … Continue reading

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Quantas Airline and SWOT Analysis

I was reading this morning that a Quantas flight had an un-scheduled landing in Dubai due to an engine oil leak. The news in itself doesn’t warrant the headlines, as anyone in the transport business would testify, but it did … Continue reading

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Good Judgement

“Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment” – Barry LePatner

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