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Feedback and The Delicate Ego

Last week I asked for some feedback from some of the other forums that I frequent. I asked for and was seeking, clarification as to the content and direction that I was heading  with this very blog site. The feedback … Continue reading

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Why Would Your Customer Stop Buying From You?

On Sunday I decided, that for a change, we would try a different local for lunch. I wanted to try a pub that was somewhat off the beaten track; one that had caught my eye whilst I had been cutting cross-country in the back lanes … Continue reading

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What’s Up Doc?

Sit in any Casualty Department, hospital ward or by poor chance, lie in a hospital bed and sure as eggs are eggs your pulse, temperature and perhaps bloods will be sent away to be analysed with the regularity of a metronome. Ask … Continue reading

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Is A Business Plan Necessary?

The number of businesses that I come across that operate without a business plan is astonishing; that those businesses continue to survive and in some case flourish often bemuses me, but upon reflection maybe it shouldn’t, albeit it still galls me. I am coming … Continue reading

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