Quantas Airline and SWOT Analysis

I was reading this morning that a Quantas flight had an un-scheduled landing in Dubai due to an engine oil leak.

The news in itself doesn’t warrant the headlines, as anyone in the transport business would testify, but it did set me thinking of the unfortunate malaise that Quantas have suffered this past year and how the Directors were re-acting to it. I wondered whether the basic SWOT Analysis model featured in their business planning and if so, how they had mitigated or exploited the different elements.

Quantas have suffered internal union problems, engine design issues, rising fuel costs, consumer body compensation, floods, earthquakes and a tsunami; I think you could probably put a tick in every box.

I write this blog to cajole and nudge you because sometimes as a Director you’re just too busy “doing and reacting” when in fact you should be planning.

I’m not too sure that having a title “A Series of Unfortunate Events” on your CV is a good thing, unless of course you’re Lemony Snicket; for the rest of us we might just want to dust off our SWOT Model.

As always, drop a line or call to talk things through – we’re here to help.

About Michael Carr

Specialising in Strategy, Systems and Organisational Design I've had a varied and rewarding career and been fortunate to work for some superb companies such as Courtaulds, Unipart International, Akzo Nobel and more recently Jaguar Landrover, all luminaries of a solid, disciplined and a conservative, though never lacking in innovation, approach to business management and development. Augmenting my career with studying for my MBA at Warwick in the early 90's has given me a balanced and I believe rich resource set to draw upon in my Consultancy Practice. My Clients have been good to me, tolerating my idiosyncrasies, giving me enough rope to go along the journey that I was taking them and hopefully in return I've been able to repay them by raising the bar and their business performance, giving them the results and achievements they were looking for. I really enjoy my work and love the challenge - isn't that what it's all about?
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