Lewis Hamilton Tweets – A Board Meeting Topic?

For those that missed it, this weekend racing driver Lewis Hamilton “Tweeted” his race car telemetry performance, detailing ride height, camber setting etc. Fascinating info indeed if you’re a fan, gold dust if you’re a competitor. I was incredulous that a central member of the team could divulge such sensitive information and along with that my mind turned back to you.

In an effort to devolve decision-making and enable those decisions to be better informed we have opened our data banks, aided by the advances of modern technology.

As I have often said, this site is to cajole you, prompt your thoughts and add value to your working day, the question which I pose today is where on your Board Agenda does the issue of “Circle of Trust” sit and how is it managed? Rather humorously this very question was posed by Robert De Nero in the comedy film “Meet the F…amily(!)”

It would be easy to dismiss my point by bouncing responsibility across to the HR and ICT Departments however it’s my belief that the question could run deeper than just data transfer and competitor positioning. If knowledge is power and knowledge is debased, what does that do to your authority in the long-term?

I think it’s worthy of discussion at the Board; I’d be even more interested in the outcomes.

About Michael Carr

Specialising in Strategy, Systems and Organisational Design I've had a varied and rewarding career and been fortunate to work for some superb companies such as Courtaulds, Unipart International, Akzo Nobel and more recently Jaguar Landrover, all luminaries of a solid, disciplined and a conservative, though never lacking in innovation, approach to business management and development. Augmenting my career with studying for my MBA at Warwick in the early 90's has given me a balanced and I believe rich resource set to draw upon in my Consultancy Practice. My Clients have been good to me, tolerating my idiosyncrasies, giving me enough rope to go along the journey that I was taking them and hopefully in return I've been able to repay them by raising the bar and their business performance, giving them the results and achievements they were looking for. I really enjoy my work and love the challenge - isn't that what it's all about?
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