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Economic Insight for Informed Business Decisions

I’ve commented before on the availability of economic and industry data reports from the banks. If you haven’t already subscribed for these reports I do recommend them to you. The reports are not just to aid you when you start … Continue reading

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“We’ve Just Engineered a Tool for Delivering Stem Cells, Mid Brain”

The statement above was quietly delivered by a Dr Stone, a Clinical Scientist at Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge. at a presentation that I attended last night. I sat amongst the audience and took in what he had just said; the capability … Continue reading

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Morality and Margin Management

At the weekend I was shopping at a well known high street supermarket when my eye was caught by an end gondola display of Men’s Body wash with a Special Offer price of 95p.  “A good buy” I thought to … Continue reading

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AIDA – An Ariel Atom In Oxford Street London

Attention Interest Desire Action The classic sales cycle approach that we all know and brilliantly and ably demonstrated this afternoon by the motor sport crew of a firm called Ariel. Are you thinking this inventively about your sales AIDA? Enjoy … Continue reading

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Procrastination and The Cartesian Questions

Yesterday I was following up the progress of a project with a Client. The project has been initiated by them some eight months ago but as of yesterday it still hadn’t got off the starting blocks. The initial flurry of activity, … Continue reading

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Website Update

If you care to hop across to the website you’ll find that we’ve updated it to more accurately reflect the type of work we’re involved with; it’s still work in progress with the more recent case studies to be uploaded … Continue reading

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A Suprise and Delight

My colleague’s face was priceless to see whilst they were unwrapping their new iPhone. The packaging was crisp, the box almost hermetically sealed, whilst the phone inside was an engineering triumph of functionality that was lovingly caressed. I often refer to … Continue reading

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